chemdry carpet cleaner

At some point, we all have to encounter dirty carpets. It is hard to clean them, they are big and there are hundreds of cleaning products that confuse the heck out of you. And none of them has unanimously been declared the best and most effective one. I for sure, do not want to spend hours in the aisle of cleaning products and read their descriptions one by one.

Besides, the process of cleaning is different for dirt and dust and let’s not even mention the variety of stains of unknown origins. It is just too much work and it is much simpler to get a carpet cleaning service. Just when you thought, you do not have to worry about the carpet anymore, a big question arises – which carpet cleaning service?

Your carpet will not be cleaned until you answer this question, so you probably want to stick around until the end to learn about carpet cleaning services.

Steam Cleaning

To be honest, I still do not get why this service is called steam cleaning, there is just no steam involved in the process. Another name for steam cleaning is how water extraction and this makes much more sense. Here is what happens during the implementation of this method.

Professional carpet cleaners spray the carpet with cleaning agents and then hot water is pressured in a special machine and when it reaches the carpet, the mixture of water and cleaning agents loosens the dirt.

After this process, a simple vacuum will remove all the spit and dirt from the carpet. The downside of this method is its length, it is quite time-consuming. Around 12 to 24 hours are needed for your carpet to completely dry.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

A lot of people avoid this method of carpet cleaning because it includes usage of chemicals. But it is fair to say, dry carpet cleaning is a more thorough and deep method of carpet cleaning than the steam one. For this method, the carpet cleaner first applies detergents to the carpet and leaves it for a while to absorb the dirt and stains. Then, the baton is passed to the bonnet.

This little machine runs over the carpet and with circular motions cleans any leftover dirt. Some professional add another layer of cleaning products, to make sure the carpet is completely clean. Unlike steam cleaning, dry cleaning requires less time and your carpet will be dry in 1 to 4 hours.

The Alternative Service

The idea of cleaning your carpet with chemicals can be a little scary and not so environment-friendly. Dry cleaning especially contains chemicals and with kids and pets in the household, who are very sensitive to these toxins, this method might leave a bad impact. Luckily, there are companies that offer carpet cleaning with carbonated and green-certified solutions. So, you can always turn to them and have your carpet cleaned with safe cleaning products.

Chem-Dry of Bloomington carpet cleaning is the alternative to steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning and the answer to which carpet cleaning you should choose. Your carpets receive a deeper clean and we use no chemicals at all! Call (812) 287-9886 for more information.