There is a recent trend around using vinegar for cleaning carpet and other surfaces and items in your home. We appreciate that vinegar is an all-natural alternative to cleaning chemicals or toxins but is it an effective replacement for professional carpet cleaning in Bloomington?

You can use vinegar as a disinfectant for carpet or clothing or hard surfaces in your home. The aroma from vinegar conceals other odors quite well. But vinegar does not effectively remove dirt from carpet or countertops or tile floors.

People recommend mixing vinegar with baking soda to increase its cleaning power but there is no evidence that the results are any better. The most likely outcome of mixing baking soda and vinegar is that it will create a salty paste that will need to be removed from the carpet.

There is no evidence to suggest that vinegar can remove carpet stains. Every carpet stain is unique if you consider its ingredients and the carpet materials. Introducing a third ingredient like vinegar to the mix is unpredictable and we don’t recommend it.

Our advice is to use vinegar for cooking and leave your Bloomington carpet cleaning to local companies in Monroe County, IN.

Chem-Dry of Bloomington technicians are trained in the proper care and techniques for all types of carpet fibers and carpet stains. Our solutions and training ensure reliable and superior results than you will achieve from using vinegar for cleaning carpet.

We remove deep embedded dirt from carpet with The Natural®. The Natural removes odors too and replaces them with a pleasant, fresh scent we prefer over the smell of vinegar.

If you want to use vinegar to conceal an unpleasant odor in your carpet before a carpet cleaner arrives, we recommend mixing it with water to dilute it. Just don’t expect the vinegar to clean the carpet.

For professional deep cleaning, call (812) 287-9886 to schedule an appointment with Chem-Dry of Bloomington.