Grout Cleaning for Tile Floors & Walls

grout cleaning

This post is all about grout and our professional grout cleaning service. What is grout?

Grout is a cement mixture used during the installation of tile floors and walls to fill the gaps between each tile. Grout is used on all tile floors and walls.

There are two forms of grout: sanded and unsanded.

Most tile installations feature sanded grout because sanded grout is more stable and is suitable for wider gaps between tiles. You would use sanded grout for ceramic tiles and because of that sanded grout is much more common than unsanded grout.

Unsanded grout is reserved for much more narrow gaps and more fragile tiles that sanded grout could scratch. You would use unsanded grout for glass tiles or delicate stone tiles.

Grout isn’t waterproof and it isn’t adhesive. Grout is extremely porous and will absorb liquids that come into contact with it. This means that grout also stains easily if a liquid is spilled onto it.

As you can imagine, anything that is porous and stains easily will require routine cleaning. You can clean grout in your bathroom or kitchen using a toothbrush and vigorous scrubbing.

If done on a regular basis, this kind of grout cleaning should prevent grout from ever becoming extremely dirty but it’s impossible to keep grout 100% clean without scheduling professional tile and grout cleaning.

Chem-Dry of Bloomington offers tile cleaning and grout cleaning for stone, glass and ceramic tiles and grout.

We use extremely powerful equipment and solutions to target dirt that has been absorbed by the grout. This equipment reaches dirt that scrubbing and household cleaners cannot.

Call Chem-Dry of Bloomington at (812) 287-9886 to schedule tile and grout cleaning from us today!