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We just love the weather in Bloomington in the summer! There are so many fun things to enjoy and do in Bloomington this time of year. There are festivals and parks and beaches to explore. The summer is also a great time of year to complete outdoor and indoor home projects. This includes summer carpet cleaning.

The warm summer weather is perfect for Bloomington carpet cleaners. This is because the carpet cleaning company you hire will be in and out of your house the entire appointment. This means your door will be open often so you don’t want cold winter air rushing into your home.

The summer weather also helps the carpet to dry much faster. If you run ceiling fans or air conditioning after a carpet cleaning Bloomington service is over the carpet will dry much faster than if there is no circulating air or ventilation.

The summer is usually a dry time of year too. This means your children or pets won’t be bringing in snow or mud or slush into your home immediately after hiring a carpet cleaner. This means your carpet should be cleaner for much longer if you schedule summer carpet cleaning for your home.

Homeowner in Bloomington do a lot of entertaining during the summer months too. Most gatherings are held outdoors to enjoy the weather but guests will need to come into your home to cool off or to use the bathroom. You will want your home and carpet to be beautiful when your summer guests come into your home.

Most carpet cleaning companies in Bloomington offer summer specials too! You can visit the Chem-Dry of Bloomington website to find our amazing deals on all of our services.

Our cleaning process is perfect for your home! Chem-Dry of Bloomington carpet cleaning doesn’t use chemicals to clean. We use very little water too so your carpet will dry even faster if you schedule during the summer!

Don’t forget to schedule carpet cleaning this summer! Call (812) 287-9886 today!