spring bloomington

Smell that fresh air! The winter is over in Bloomington and spring is here. Spring is about new beginnings and a fresh start and that includes in your home too. Everyone knows about spring cleaning but what about spring carpet cleaning?

During spring cleaning we all declutter our home and start projects for the exterior and interior of our home. This is the time of year when a husband’s “honey-do” list starts to be two or three pages long.

You can’t do every project for your home on your own. You need to enlist the help of professional services too and should hire a Bloomington carpet cleaning company for deep cleaning of your home’s floor.

The spring in Bloomington is the perfect time of year for carpet cleaning too. This is because there is no more risk of snow or slush being brought into your home. If you equate the spring cleaning season with spring carpet cleaning it will be much easier to remember it each year too. After all, carpet manufacturers recommend deep cleaning at least once every 12 months. Why not schedule it at the same time each year, right?

But which Bloomington carpet cleaner should you hire for the best results for your home? There are many to choose from.

There are steam cleaning companies, but are they the best? The process of steam cleaning carpet requires soap and chemicals and gallons of water. If done incorrect, steam cleaning can lead to saturated carpet and mold growth or instant resoiling.

Get the job done right the first time and call Chem-Dry of Bloomington for spring carpet cleaning for your home.

Our process uses only green solutions safe for your home. We don’t use very much water at all. Our process needs 80% less water than the steam cleaning process. Spring is allergy season to and our service offers allergy relief.

The carpet dries fast too so you can get right back to other projects in your home without worrying about wet carpet.

Add one more item to the “to-do” list and give Chem-Dry of Bloomington a call at (812) 287-9886 for spring carpet cleaning.