soap on carpet

Soap is synonymous with cleaning. You use soap to wash your clothing, your car and your bedding and your dishes and flatware and of course, your hands and your body in the shower. You would then think it is OK to clean carpet with soap. But that is not true. Then why is soap bad for carpet?

The reason soap is such a great cleaner for so many items is because it creates a lather that attracts dirt and bacteria and removes it from other items. Then you rinse the lather and all the germs and bacteria down the drain or the rinse cycle does it for your clothing.

There is a drain in your shower and in your sink and almost anywhere you typically associate soap with. But carpet does not have a drain.

There are Bloomington carpet cleaning companies that spray soap on carpet and then it lathers and attracts dirt. Then the carpet cleaner needs to remove all of the dirt and soap with a water or acid rinse. But that isn’t easy to do.

Most of the time the steam cleaning service leaves soap behind in the carpet and there is no drain for it to go too so it pools together. Then as new dirt and particles reach the carpet it causes instant resoiling so your carpet looks dirty again very fast.

You just paid for carpet cleaning and now the carpet isn’t even clean. Funny enough, it’s because of soap.

Chem-Dry of Bloomington does not use soap for our carpet cleaning. We use the power of carbonation and all-natural products for a healthier clean and results you will love!

The cleaning solution we use, The Natural®, doesn’t lather. Instead it permeates carpet and lifts deeper germs and dirt to the surface and then we extract it from the carpet with powerful suction equipment.

There’s no soap at all and there’s way less water so the time for your carpet to dry is very fast.

Now you know the answer to why is soap bad for carpet. Call (812) 287-9886 today to schedule soap-free carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry of Bloomington.