schedule carpet cleaning

You woke up in the morning and as usual went to get a cup of coffee, you got it and while walking to the living room you slipped and poured your coffee on the carpet. Now, your carpet has coffee stains all over it but as you looked closely, there was much more than just coffee stains. It looks darker than it was, it is dusty and messy.

You are probably overdue for carpet cleaning. These signs clearly indicate, you need to schedule carpet cleaning now:

Is That My Carpet?

The color of your carpet has changed, it is not the snow white carpet anymore or perhaps it was brown and somehow became gray. Furthermore, the plain carpet now has patterns. Stain patterns, of course, all of a sudden the coffee stains are accompanied by several other strains of different sizes.

To summarize this horror story in one sentence, if you do not recognize your carpet then grab your phone and schedule carpet cleaning now.

Why is There Dust in My House?

The one type of cleaning we all do in our houses is dusting. It is simply not pleasant to be surrounded by it and sneeze all day long. Don’t you get frustrated when you clean the dust in one room go to the other one and as you come back the dust is already there.

No one run in the house, you did not vacuum and you most certainly just cleaned it. Where on Earth does that dust come from? I suppose you already know the answer … carpets. If you keep finding your house in dust then you have been delaying the cleaning for a long time and aren’t aware that carpet cleaning for allergy relief is the answer.

And the Softness is Gone

My most favorite thing about carpets is how cozy and soft they are. I love walking barefoot on it and feel the fluffs. If you are anything like me then you know the struggle of not having the softness anymore.

If the previous points were not convincing enough for you then this one will do the job. You can get the fluffs back, all you need to do is book a cleaning service now and not put it off in the future.

It is not so hard to tell apart the clean carpet from a dirty one. Just do not ignore the signs. Be careful with hot coffee and do not let your carpet cleaning be overdue.

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