professional carpet cleaning

If someone asked you what professional carpet cleaning is, you would probably laugh and say it is obvious: carpet cleaning done by professionals. You probably picture someone rubbing the carpet or using a weird machine with vapor. That is correct but a little vague.

What if I change the wording of the question and ask you how professional cleaning is done? Not so easy now, is it? Rubbing and weird machines do not make up professional carpet cleaning, there is much more to that.

Without further ado, let’s hop onto discussing what professional carpet cleaning entails.

Carpets Need Diagnosis Too

Sounds strange but they do. All you see is a dirty and dusty carpet and by now, you have probably forgotten when it got so dirty. Doctors prescribe the right medicine based on diagnosis, so do professional carpet cleaners. I know this comparison is a little extreme but it makes sense and sticks to your mind.

Different levels of dirtiness require different types of cleaning. You might not be able to determine the best one on your own but professionals will. They take a look at the carpet and considering the material, the stains and dirt on it, they “prescribe” a type of cleaning.

The First Stage of Cleaning a Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning consists of two stages and the first one is the surface cleaning. Things are about to get confusing because stages have their own stage or types, to be more precise.

There is more than one way of surface cleaning: wet shampooing, dry cleaning, dry foam, absorbent powder so on and so forth. During wet shampooing, for instance, the professional cleaner applies some shampoo to the carpet so that its foam breaks down and absorbs the dirt and dust.

This is done with a special machine, and its usage requires a good deal of attention, diligent approach and professionalism. Afterward, the carpet has to try and be vacuumed. I do not want to bore you with the long descriptions and you do not even need to know so many details (Luckily the cleaner does).

The Second Stage of Cleaning a Carpet

Also known as deep carpet cleaning, the second stage is done not very frequently. Just once in a year or year and a half. Cleaning the surface of your carpet is a quick and great method to ensure having a nice and clean looking carpet. But as they say it, do not judge the book by its cover. Particles of dust and dirt will always escape and find shelter in your lovely carpet.

Hopefully, this article at least gave you the big picture of what professional carpet cleaning is like.

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