Don’t underestimate the importance of the carpet pad when it comes time to purchase new carpet for your home.

What is a carpet pad? A carpet pad is a piece of foam or rubber material that is installed between the subfloor of a home and the carpet. Some carpet pads are antimicrobial or odor-resistant while others are simply there for cushioning.

The natural tendency for homeowners is to focus on the color of the carpet, the cost and whether it fits the style of your home, but most of that won’t matter, or at least not for long, if you don’t invest in a good carpet pad.

The truth is, the carpet pad is one of the most important steps in buying new carpet. So, why should you care about the carpet pad?

The reason a carpet pad is important is because it serves many purposes. These are the reasons you need a good carpet pad:


The carpet pad is the primary source of insulation from carpet in a home. Homes with no carpet and hardwood floor or tile floor are often much colder than homes with carpet and energy costs will be higher too. A quality carpet pad prevents cold air from rising from the subfloor through seams in the carpet and into the air in a home.


The carpet pad is the number one defense for carpet against wear and tear. The pad endures the weight of furniture and foot traffic and reduces the stress on the carpet itself in order to help it maintain its comfort and color for several years. For this reason, it is important to purchase a thicker, more-dense carpet pad for rooms that receive more traffic. You can purchase a thinner pad for rooms like guest bedrooms and other bedrooms in the home but you will want a thick pad for halls and living rooms.


As mentioned above, the carpet pad cushions each step much more so than the carpet above it. A plush and comfortable carpet is the product of the pad beneath it opposed to the style or construction of the carpet. If you want your home to be truly comfortable you should consider a thicker pad in order to provide more cushion. This will also help to reduce stress on your knees and your back when you walk throughout your home.

You can extend the lifetime of your carpet with daily care, routine carpet cleaning services and by purchasing the best-available carpet pad when the time comes to install new carpet in your home. You will not regret investing a little more money into the pad as it will pay off years down the road when your carpet is still comfortable.