improve air quality

You know how dirty the air outside is. Do you know how dirty the air in your home is? The bad news is that the air in most homes in Bloomington is full of germs, bacteria and allergens. The air in your home probably includes toxins too. There are several ways to improve air quality in your home.

The first way to be sure the air in your home is clean is to ventilate your home as best as you can. Proper ventilation includes opening all of the doors in your home so that each room has air that circulates through it. You should also open your windows with a screen when the weather in Bloomington allows it and run ceiling and floor fans as often as possible too.

You should purchase and install a HEPA air filter for your home too. This filter will trap a lot of the allergens and dust and particles floating in the air in your home. You can then clean out the filter periodically.

You should also consider installing carpet in your home instead of tile or hardwood floor. Blogs on the internet suggest that carpet is bad for allergens but this is not true. Your carpet is similar to a filter. It will trap allergens and contaminants when they fall to the floor. This doesn’t happen with hard-surface floors. The allergens will float down to a hardwood floor and then eventually recirculate back into the air again.

If you have carpet, be sure to vacuum it every day. You can purchase a vacuum with a HEPA filter too!

The more cleaning you do in your home the better the air quality. But be careful not to use cleaning chemicals or toxins. These products might clean your countertop or floor but will contaminate the air you breathe in.

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Follow these tips to improve air quality in your home today! Call (812) 287-9886 to schedule an appointment with Chem-Dry of Bloomington.