cleaning carpet

Many homeowners are interested in alternatives to hiring professional carpet cleaners in Bloomington. The cost of a service can add up and leads some homeowners to consider home remedies for cleaning carpet. But are home remedies a good idea when it comes to carpet cleaning?

You know that we do not recommend store-bought cleaning chemicals for cleaning carpet. The chemicals you buy at the store often are not cheap either and can damage carpet if used incorrectly. The chemicals are toxic too which can lead to respiratory issues and the potential for other health problems to occur. Whenever possible, avoid chemicals as your solution to carpet cleaning.

There are several all-natural home remedies for cleaning carpet on the internet. The problem with these remedies is that none are truly effective at removing carpet stains or deep dirt beneath the surface of the carpet.

Using vinegar for cleaning carpet is an ineffective method for removing soil or dirt from carpet. The same can be said for lemons and lemon juice. A mixture of lemon juice and water adds a fresh scent to your home and carpet but there is no evidence of lemon juice successfully removing carpet stains or dirt.

The most common result from using home remedies for cleaning carpet is that then whatever solution you attempt to use now has to be removed from the carpet too with the help of a Bloomington carpet cleaning company.

The cost of hiring a professional service is higher than the home remedies on the internet but the odds of success are much greater. Carpet is an investment and sometimes it makes sense to invest in the proper care and maintenance for the well-being and cleanliness of your home.

Chem-Dry of Bloomington in Monroe County offers deep carpet cleaning that successfully removes embedded dirt from carpet fibers. The NaturalĀ® leaves a clean, fresh aroma and leaves no dirt behind.

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