art on carpet clean

The carpet in your home needs professional cleaning no less than one time every 12 months. Hire a Harrodsburg carpet cleaner to remove embedded particles, soil and contaminants and restore the color and quality of your carpet. This process helps to extend the lifetime of your carpet too!

Your carpet might not appear dirty but odds are it is. There is dirt beneath the surface invisible to the human eye. The deeper the soil and dirt the more damage to the carpet fibers. This embedded soil must be removed.

Be sure to call a local carpet cleaning company in Harrodsburg able to remove the deep dirt without harming your carpet or jeopardizing the health of your home. Be careful hiring steam cleaners or companies advertising extremely low-cost services. You don’t want to sacrifice quality for cost since your carpet is an important part of your home. Although steam cleaning is a popular method for cleaning carpet, it is not the best due to the significant amount of water and chemicals used in the process.

Your best alternative is Chem-Dry of Bloomington in Monroe County. We serve homes and businesses in Harrodsburg with low-moisture carpet cleaning free of chemicals and toxins.

We vacuum your carpet. Then we mist The Natural® onto the surface. The Natural is an amazing cleaning solution that contains no chemicals or soaps. It produces millions of microscopic bubbles that combine to push soil to the surface. That’s when we fire up our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) equipment and purge the dirt from your carpet and your home!

Your carpet will be more colorful and its quality will be restored due to our longer-lasting and deeper clean. The entire cleaning process requires only 1-2 hours and then your carpet should be dry in 1-2 hours later.


Consider furniture cleaning during your appointment. Our upholstery cleaning service removes dirt from the furniture in your home using the same methods mentioned above.

We can clean sofas, recliners, dining room chairs, car interiors, benches, ottomans and any upholstered furniture imaginable. The process removes over 98% of allergens from your furniture! Learn more.


Area rugs receive a lot of traffic in your home. Rug runners too! Chem-Dry of Bloomington cleans all types of rugs including heirloom rugs and Oriental rugs.

We utilize the proper care and techniques to ensure your rugs are 100% safe during the process. This is done for all materials and constructions to preserve the craftsmanship of your rug. Learn more.

Call (812) 287-9886 to schedule carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry of Bloomington. Don’t forget upholstery and rug cleaning too!