You have a carpet that needs to be cleaned, so you do what you’re supposed to do – Google “carpet cleaning Bloomington, IN” and select one of the carpet cleaning companies that appears. Maybe the one with the most reviews?

You would think that it is the end of your searches but guess what, there is not just one way of cleaning your carpet. Hot water extraction, dry cleaning, steam cleaning, so on and so forth.

Each of these deep carpet cleaning methods has its own features that make them stand apart. In this article, we will look at one of them in depth. Okay, the title of the article kind of it gave away – we will be talking about dry carpet cleaning specifically. Stick around to learn more about when to use it and how it works:

What’s Up With the Name?

It seems logical to start our journey of getting to know dry carpet cleaning from the name. Hmm, dry – had not I knew about this method, I would have said it does not require any liquid, like water, that is why it is called dry.

To some extent it is correct; dry carpet cleaning basically consists of putting absorbents on the carpet until they break down and absorb any dust or dirt.

What Happens During Dry Carpet Cleaning?

We briefly went over the process of cleaning while discussing the name but now let’s get into some details. Suppose, we have this carpet full of oil stains and we decided to do dry carpet cleaning. Here is what will happen:

Applying cleaning solutions (detergents or emulsifiers) to the carpet.

Let the solutions dissolve for around 15 minutes and absorb stains, dirt, etc.

Run the machine called bonnet and with rotating motions rub the carpet.

Once the bonnet’s work is done, the carpet is sprayed with d-limonene.

After 5-10 minutes hot water extraction machine with acid-rinse removes any leftovers.

Lastly, the carpet needs 1 to 4 hours to dry.

The process is not so complex, the steps need to follow one another and be performed gently. Unlike other methods of cleaning, dry carpet cleaning is the fastest one.

Possible Concerns

The usage of chemicals can worry some people. Indeed, chemicals do sound harmful but only if you are not well familiar with them. Talk to the company that provides the dry cleaning service in advance and share your concerns. They will show you the solutions they use. If you feel they are dangerous we recommend considering a different Bloomington carpet cleaner.

I would also suggest not to be around during the process of cleaning and take your pets with you because they are even more vulnerable. With this being said,  you just learned the very basics of dry carpet cleaning. The process is not a mystery anymore, and you are well aware of possible negative side effects and how to avoid them.

Chem-Dry of Bloomington does not offer dry carpet cleaning. Our service is unique in that it is drier than steam cleaning and unlike dry carpet cleaning, it does not require chemicals. We use carbonation, minimal moisture, green solutions and no chemicals whatsoever. Learn more about our carpet cleaning here.