The Importance of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is important in many ways, from that all-important first impression you give to clients or customers to the health, productivity and wellbeing of staff.

In some industries the need for commercial cleaning is self-evident, you can’t have a commercial kitchen or food production facility without keeping it clean for very obvious health and safety reasons. However, commercial cleaning services can be just as relevant for offices, shops, factories and other commercial premises.

Commercial cleaning has very apparent advantages in terms of creating a positive impression and maintaining a safe healthy environment. But there are also less overt financial benefits to maintaining your commercial equipment whether it’s extending the life of computers by not filling them with dust or keeping carpets clean rather than having to replace them.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

The benefits of commercial cleaning are numerous. How clean, tidy and hygienic your commercial environment is will affect everything and everyone that uses the space.

Increased Staff Productivity

For most organizations staff are the most valuable asset and increasing and maintaining staff productivity can have a huge impact on an organization’s success.

Many organizations are aware of the value of ongoing staff training and development as well as providing incentives, rewards and even just good healthy snacks to improve the mood of employees. But one thing many organizations don’t recognise is the impact that clean air can have on productivity, some will even buy plants and yet fail to see the dust that is accumulating on them.

It is proven that people are more productive when they are happy, and a clean, tidy working environment can have a big impact on employee morale. Staff are more likely to take pride in their workplace if it is tidy and clean, whereas an unclean workplace can lead to distraction and staff not giving 100%, or feeling undervalued as they space they are being asked to work in is not being well maintained.

And it’s not just staff that are affected by the cleanliness of the working environment. Customers and clients, potential partners and new employees will all be affected by how clean and sanitary your workspace is and will be far more likely to form a positive impression if the space feels clean and hygienic.

In fact, an unclean workplace can be the difference between getting new customers or not.

Then there’s the fact that a safe and hygienic environment is vital for ensuring staff stay healthy and working at their best.

Keeping People Healthy

Cleanliness is very much related to disease prevention and has a big effect on people’s health and wellbeing.

Hygiene is obviously important, especially in restrooms or food preparation areas as well as changing rooms and anywhere that food is being consumed. But germs and disease can be transferred anywhere and an unclean environment is much more likely to harbour pathogens.

Just as we know it is important to wash our hands it is also important to ensure surfaces are kept clean in particular those that are touched by lots of different people. These surfaces can be prime suspects in the spread of illness and disease.

Germs can also live on surfaces for several days, meaning that without routine cleaning there is a much higher chance of transmission of illness between staff. Therefore commercial cleaning can result in fewer sick days and a healthier workforce.

An unclean environment can also have other health risks.

  • Mold is a common problem in residential and commercial environments and can have a huge impact on health. Mold can cause headaches, nausea, mental fatigue, skin irritations and respiratory ailments, as well as more serious health issues. However, this will often go unnoticed as the cause, especially if the symptoms are not considered extreme.
  • Clutter is unlikely to make you sick physically, although clutter can easily be a trip hazard if left to get out of hand, however, clutter can have a significant mental impact raising stress levels and anxiety, and making people less efficient in their visual processing and thinking.
  • Air quality in a working environment is also impacted by general cleaning. Dust particles can very easily hide and accumulate in upholstery and carpets and leave people with coughs, runny noses and just a general lack of clear-headedness. These symptoms are likely to be more pronounced in people with asthma or similar respiratory conditions but poor air quality will have an effect on all workers which can be cumulative over time.

Creating a Professional Appearance

As well as notable health and productivity benefits, maintaining a clean hygienic environment will also create a positive professional appearance. If you walk into a business that is visually clean and tidy and smells fresh and then one that is dirty with dusty surfaces and a musty smell, the likelihood is you will choose to give your custom to the first one.

Image is really important when it comes to business and the levels of cleanliness you maintain are part of that image. Walking into an untidy shop, office or any other workplace gives the impression of a lack of care for the working environment and would suggest to most people a lack of care in the work being done. Whereas a clean well-maintained workplace will inspire confidence even if this is at a subconscious level.

For some businesses, most notably those involved in food production, keeping their commercial premises clean as well as ensuring a high standard of personal hygiene from staff is essential to avoid being shut down or making people sick. However, all businesses will benefit from projecting an image of cleanliness, good organisation and attention to detail.

Extending the Lifespan of Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment

Keeping your workspace clean will also have an impact on how often you have to replace fixtures and fittings as well as equipment. For example:

  • Keeping your office environment as dust-free as possible helps office equipment such as computers last longer.
  • Carpets, tiles and other floorings will have a longer life span if regularly cleaned.
  • Effective restroom and kitchen cleaning will prevent mold and mean repairs are needed less often.
  • Cleaning machinery and equipment acts as regular preventative maintenance reducing the need for repairs.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning companies will generally offer a wide range of services and have the staff and equipment needed to carry out everything from dusting desks and emptying bins to cleaning carpets and windows.

In general, some services will need to be performed daily while others may happen on a weekly, monthly or even annual basis.

Carpet Cleaning

Having carpets professionally cleaned periodically will keep them looking pristine as well as ensuring they are free of dust and other allergens that can cause health problems. Regular carpet cleaning will also prolong the life of your carpets and mean you have to replace them less often.

Tile Cleaning

Keeping tiles clean prolongs their life as well as reduces the risk of mold. If you have a tiled floor then a commercial tile and grout cleaning company in Bloomington will do a far better job than a mop and bucket.

Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

Rugs and upholstery can be hard to clean without the help of commercial cleaners and can harbor a lot of dust and dirt especially if they are in a high traffic area. This not only stops the space from looking pristine but can contribute to poor quality air and bad smells. Professional upholstery cleaning or rug cleaning from a local service like Chem-Dry of Bloomington is the best option for long-term cleanliness.

Window Cleaning

Commercial cleaners will be able to make easy work of cleaning your office windows, keeping them sparkling clean and giving a good impression to visitors while allowing the maximum amount of daylight in.

Air Duct Cleaning

Poor air quality can have a big impact on health and productivity. Air vents will often see a build-up of pollen, dust and lint and can even be a breeding ground for mold. If there is a musty smell then checking air vents for mold and cleaning them can have a big impact.

General Office Cleaning

The dirtiest surfaces in offices or any other shared workspaces tend not to be the places that we might think to sanitise on a daily basis. It’s very obvious if the hallway needs sweeping, the bins need emptying, the windows need cleaning or the carpet needs vacuuming. But it’s the door handles, elevator buttons, taps and handrails that really need attention when it comes to preventing the spread of germs.

How Commercial Cleaning Improves Workplace Health

As already mentioned above commercial cleaning can improve workplace health. While everyone has a responsibility to keep their workspace clean and tidy, commercial cleaning generally takes this to another level.

Having a team or individual dedicated to cleaning means that areas don’t get overlooked either due to time constraints or impracticality allowing for far greater levels of effectiveness as well as meaning staff don’t feel burdened by the need to complete cleaning tasks at the end of the day.

Commercial Cleaning Improves Physical Health

Keeping your workplace clean is a vital part of ensuring a healthy workforce. We all know how quickly a cold or other illness can spread around the workplace and staff sickness can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of an organization.

If someone comes to work when they are unwell they can quickly infect every surface they touch including phones, keyboards, door handles, the handle of the fridge or kettle as well as airborne particles landing and breeding on almost any surface.

Without regular cleaning germs can stay on surfaces for days and so it’s very easy for illness to pass quickly through the workforce if the workplace isn’t effectively cleaned on a regular basis.

Air quality can also have a big impact on workplace health, dust, mold spores and airborne pathogens can all be present in the air we breathe and the levels of these can all be significantly reduced with effective commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning will often involve periodic cleaning of air vents and deep cleaning of carpets and other areas that will improve air quality.

Finally workplace accidents can be reduced if spaces are kept clear and are properly maintained.

When it comes to workplace health, having a good sick leave policy can also have a big impact as people are more likely to stay at home when they are unwell and not pass the illness to other staff members if they are encouraged to do so.

Commercial Cleaning Improves Mental Health

Commercial cleaning can also have a noticeable impact on the mental wellness of employees. Most individuals spend a significant amount of their time at work so it’s important to create a pleasant working environment.

A cluttered dirty space will have a negative impact on employees ability to focus, and people are likely to feel undervalued if space they are expected to be in isn’t looked after to a high standard. Plus dirty environments are known to contribute to and exasperate depression and anxiety.

Expecting employees to do the cleaning themselves can also lead to tension between employees if an individual feels that someone else isn’t pulling their weight. Or it can put undue pressure on people adding an additional responsibility that needs to be prioritized alongside their existing workload.

So employing professional commercial cleaners can have far more impact than just keeping surfaces clean.