You don’t use toilet cleaner to wash your dishes or laundry detergent during your shower. There are certain cleaning solutions and chemical for certain purposes. The same is true for cleaning carpet with ammonia. There are websites that recommend using ammonia for carpet cleaning but that is not its purpose.

Chem-Dry of Bloomington does not recommend the use of ammonia on carpet. There are several things that can go wrong if you try to use ammonia for cleaning your carpet.

First and foremost, ammonia is very toxic and the fumes can cause respiratory issues and headaches if inhaled for too long. You should only use ammonia for cleaning when it is absolutely necessary as you do not want to subject yourself or your family to the fumes very often or for extended periods of time.

You can also cause discoloration of carpet fibers if you use ammonia. The problem with ammonia is that is is high in alkaline so it is corrosive. Because it is corrosive it can diminish the color of carpet or even eat through carpet backings and adhesive for deeper damage. There is also no evidence that ammonia is able to permeate the carpet fibers to remove deep soil and dirt.

If you use ammonia on wool carpet and natural fibers, you are guaranteed to ruin your carpet. If you use it on synthetic fibers, there is a wide range of outcomes include stripping away the stainguard or protectant from the manufacturer.

You are better off hiring Bloomington carpet cleaners than attempting to use ammonia or vinegar for carpet cleaning. These solutions have other purposes. The local carpet cleaning companies in Bloomington have the solutions necessary for successful results.

Chem-Dry of Bloomington offers green carpet cleaning that is eco-friendly. We use a low-moisture process for quick-drying carpet and a deeper clean than steam cleaning and other services.

Cleaning carpet with ammonia has the risk of permanent damage. There is no risk of permanent damage to your carpet if you hire Chem-Dry of Bloomington.

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