professional carpet cleaning

Whether it is an expensive Persian carpet or a rug you bought from Target, it is still an important part of your interior. Carpets and rugs can add up a lot to the design.

We need them in the house to make it warmer and cozier. Carpets serve the role quite well but it has needs too. Sounds like I am personalizing carpets but it helps make my statement clear, so I am going for it.

Carpets need to be cleaned regularly and very often the superhero housewife cannot do it on her own. So, cheap carpet cleaning is usually the answer.

Is it, though? Let’s take a look at some of these reasons to find out why cheap carpet cleaning is a risk and not the answer:

Oops, the Wrong Products!

When it comes to cheap carpet cleaning there are two scenarios, a. you are trying to clean it on your own with cheap products, and b. you hired a company that does cheap carpet cleaning.

In both cases, the wrong products have play a role. You think you know your carpet well but it appears, for instance, it is not made of the material you thought. And we all know that when buying a cleaning product we consider the material.

Maybe it’s you using the wrong product or the cheap carpet cleaning service your neighbor advised, these products can cost you your carpet or maybe dry carpet cleaning products harm the carpet?

If I were you, I would not go through the trouble of getting a new carpet. Instead, I’d just hire a good Bloomington carpet cleaning service.

A Test Run

I am confident that this point would win the first place among carpet cleaning mistakes. Cheap carpet cleaning process usually skips this point but it is crucial for the future of your carpet.

If the product that you or the cleaning service uses seems a little harsh, try it on the edges of your carpet or preferably under it. Give it some time to see how it responds to the product.

If there is nothing abnormal happening then go ahead and use it, but always be careful with cleaning chemicals.

Watch Out for Over Cleaning

Yes, there is such thing as over cleaning.

There is always the risk of spraying too much product onto your carpet and “a lot” doesn’t necessarily mean good. Cheap cleaning services are not an exception, they might over shampoo or overwater thus damaging the quality of your carpet.

Just Blot

We always feel like the powerful scrubbing is going to remove the stains. Yet, that is one big self-deception. Cheap carpet cleaning procedures can involve rubbing but it just scatters the dirt all over the carpet.

Blotting, on the other hand, with gentle motions absorbs the stains from each location.

Gotta Take Care of the Furniture

In 9 out of 10 cases, there is usually a table, a sofa, or another piece of furniture on the carpet. Cheap carpet cleaning is all about the carpet and not what is surrounding it.

Don’t forget that wet carpet can damage your furniture so not only will you have a poorly cleaned carpet but also faulty furniture.

There you have it, 5 reasons why you should avoid cheap carpet cleaning. Keep in mind that if cheap costs you quality then you might want to invest more in a better service.

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