The smells that come from dirty carpet can be very unpleasant. There are several carpet odors associated with stains, dirt, pets and more. Learn what causes carpet odors and how to remove and prevent them from your home.

Carpet Stains

The most obvious source of carpet odors are liquid stains on carpet. The contents or ingredients of the stain have their own smell and as those contents become stale or rancid in the carpet the odor will become worse and emanate into the air in your home. You can reduce the odor using warm water and remove the stain with an appointment from a Bloomington carpet cleaner near your home.

If you attempt to remove the stain on your own you could damage the carpet or force the stain and its odors deeper into the carpet fibers.

Pad Stains

There are some bad stains that soak deep enough and reach the carpet pad itself. Deep stains in the carpet pad will produce a musty odor you cannot remove without professional carpet cleaning.

Wet Carpet

You never want your carpet to be wet for an extended period of time. There are several issues related to wet carpet and one of them is carpet odors. If your carpet is wet for too long it creates a musty or dingy smell. There is also the chance for carpet mold to grow in wet or damp carpet. The mold has its own potent aroma and can lead to respiratory issues and headaches.

Wet carpet is often the result of water damage, poor ventilation or hiring a local carpet cleaning company in Bloomington that doesn’t extract all of the water from their service. There are Bloomington steam cleaners known to use gallons and gallons of water for their cleaning system and it is almost impossible to rinse 100% of the water out of the carpet.

Pet Stains

There are several carpet odors related to pets. If you have a pet in your home you can expect odors from the oils in their skin to emanate from carpet. Of course there is also the potential for “accidents” that involve pet urine stains on carpet. A pet urine stain has a very unpleasant smell. Even worse, the smell will encourage future accidents in the same area of your home and only compound the problem.

Pet urine stains are extremely difficult to remove and require carpet cleaning services to address them. Chem-Dry of Bloomington offers P.U.R.T.® for pet urine removal treatment. The system is 100% safe for pets and produces amazing results for your home!

Chem-Dry of Bloomington carpet cleaning removes dirt, dust and stains from carpet to rid your home of carpet odors. We use only 80% of the water that a steam cleaning company uses and our products are all-natural and healthier for your home.

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