There’s nothing worse than mold in your home. Mold is extremely toxic and unhealthy and unpleasant. It can lead to respiratory issues and is extremely unsanitary. You don’t want mold in your home or in your carpet. So how can you prevent carpet mold?

More often than not, carpet mold is the result of wet or damp carpet. Your carpet can get wet for many reasons including water damage or flooding, leaky roofs or plumbing, damp or dark portions of your home and cheap carpet cleaning.

Most of the time water damage occurs from a busted pipe or an overrun sump pump or flooding around your home.

If the water reaches your carpet in one of these instances, it can soak it and it is hard to remove all of the water even if you act fast. You should hire a restoration company for your best chance at protecting your carpet from mold and permanent damage.

Leaky roofs and plumbing near carpet can also saturate it. You can use a handheld vacuum and floor fans to dry carpet but you need to remove all of the moisture. The longer the carpet remains wet the better chance for carpet mold.

The most frustrating and avoidable cause for carpet mold is cheap carpet cleaning in the form of rental machines or steam cleaning.

Using a rental machine for carpet cleaning or hiring a steam cleaning company subjects your carpet to gallons and gallons of water. The cheaper the service the greater chance the equipment is low-quality and unable to extract all of the water in the carpet.

You can prevent carpet mold by ensuring air circulation in all rooms of your home, routinely checking your plumbing in your home and patching up any cracks or weak spots in your roof or ceiling and you can hire Chem-Dry of Bloomington for carpet cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning requires 20% of the water that steam cleaning and rental machines need. We won’t saturate your carpet and we leave almost no moisture behind. Your carpet dries fast and the odds of carpet mold are extremely small.

For professional carpet cleaning that leaves your home cleaner and healthier, call (812) 287-9886 today!