You might not have heard of carpet filtration soiling or filtration lines but you have seen it in homes in Bloomington. Learn what causes filtration soiling and how you can prevent it in your home.

You will see carpet filtration soiling near entryways to rooms and along the exterior of a room near cracks in the wall or baseboards. What happens is that hot or humid air in a closed room rises in the air and collects different particles and dirt from the air. The contaminants in the air in your home depends on the quality of the air in your home. Then the air cools and it drops down to the floor or carpet.

The air is now down to the level of the carpet and it wants to escape the room but it can’t do it easily because the door is closed. The air will try to push itself under the door or through cracks in the wall. This leads to the air shedding the various particles and contaminants it collected into the air onto the carpet before it escapes beneath the doorway.

The issue then compounds itself because the entryway to a room receives the most traffic. This means every time you go into or leave the room the dirt and contaminants get pushed deeper into the carpet fibers.

Overtime a dark or brown line will appear directly along the bottom of the doorway. This dark line is carpet filtration soiling. You cannot use home remedies for carpet cleaning to remove filtration lines. You have to call a Bloomington carpet cleaner for this.

The filtration lines are not easy to remove because they are deep and worn-in. You need a local carpet cleaning company with powerful equipment and solutions.

Chem-Dry of Bloomington removes filtration soiling with The Natural® and Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). Our solutions lift the dirt and soils to the surface and then we extract it with powerful suction equipment and dispose of it away from your home.

Filtration soiling is common but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Call (812) 287-9886 for Chem-Dry of Bloomington to clean the dark filtration lines in your carpet today!