Be careful when it comes time to hire a Bloomington carpet cleaner. You want to be sure the company provides the service you desire but you also need to be aware of common carpet cleaning scams. Learn more below:

You cannot trust all carpet cleaning Bloomington companies. Some of them employ tactics to deceive you during their service.

One common scam is called “bait and switch”. This occurs when the carpet cleaner advertises a very low price. Then when the company arrives they explain that the advertised price doesn’t include labor or cleaning solutions or some component necessary for actually cleaning the carpet.

Don’t fall for this scam. If the carpet cleaner will not provide the full service at the advertised price you should not let them start their service.

Another carpet cleaning scam occurs when the service just uses water for cleaning your carpet. The company pretends to include a cleaning solution or chemical and instead just fills their equipment with hot water. This scam is hard to identify until it is too late.

You should research online customer reviews for the carpet cleaning companies in Bloomington. Another good resource is The Better Business Bureau. This research will help you discover if a Bloomington carpet cleaner is dishonest or not.

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