carpet cleaning prices

Daily cleanings and vacuums will not keep your carpet away from getting dirty. Every once in a while, you have to get a professional cleaning. You research “carpet cleaning companies near me”, pick the best one, get your carpet cleaned and at the end, you pay the bill. Well, the prices for carpet cleaning are not insane, so at that moment you do not question the price.

However, afterward you start thinking about the money you just paid and you start wondering why that much. How is that price even determined?

Are there any norms that you are not aware of or what if they charged you more than they were supposed to? All good questions and this article will satisfy your curiosity. Without further ado, I present you factors that determine Bloomington carpet cleaning prices.

Number/Size of the Rooms

The two major factors that decide the cost of the service are the number of rooms and the size of the rooms. Usually, carpet cleaners charge $30-40 per room and about 50 cents per square feet.

Okay, this decided the overall price but how on Earth have they come up with these numbers? Carpet cleaning companies use products and equipment as well as human labor, thus they need to make sure that the fee they charge, covers their expenses.

Stairs & Furniture

To put it in a simple way, if there is any other activity involved in the process of carpet cleaning besides the cleaning itself, the price increases. I am mostly talking about stairs and furniture.

Sometimes, carpet cleaners need to move away a sofa, a coffee table or maybe a wardrobe, to clean the carpet. It is not a part of their task so they will charge you more. As for stairs, there are angles and the area is not flat, so it is a little hard to clean. Hard is the key word here, which adds a certain amount to your bill.

Type of  Carpet

It is no secret that carpets are made of different materials; some are wool, some are synthetic, some are nylon, etc. Based on the material, carpet cleaners use special techniques and products. Since the complexity level of removing stains depends on the material as well, the harder it is to clean, the more the service will cost. Thus, it is easy to notice that at the end, it all comes down to the material of your carpet.

The carpet cleaning prices do not come out of blue, nor there is a secret formula. Each of these points has a say in the final price. Should we say one more mystery is solved? I think we should. Now you know what you are paying for and what to expect.

Chem-Dry of Bloomington carpet cleaning prices are determined by the total square feet of carpet. If P.U.R.T.® is necessary or a customer is interested in a Healthy Home Treatment then prices will increased based on those needs. Call (812) 287-9886 for an estimate today!