Requirements for a Carpet Cleaning Company

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Your favorite carpet is dirty and you need to get it cleaned as soon as possible. You do not have the time to do it on your own and plus you are not sure how to properly do it. The solution is relatively easy since there are carpet cleaning companies that will take care of your filthy carpet. But you cannot just randomly pick a company and make an appointment with them.

Keep in mind that the wrong cleaning company can cost you your carpet. When you are shopping for groceries, do you just grab whatever you see and go home? No, you probably have a list prepared in advance or you look at products carefully to figure out ingredients, so on and so forth.

Carpet cleaning companies are no exception, there are several points you have to pay attention to when choosing one. So, as the title already prompted, we will be talking about 5 signs that you found a great carpet cleaning company:

Certified Professionals

If you do not see the word professional or certified anywhere on their website or service description then close that tab and move on. A great carpet cleaning company has professional and certified staff. You are looking for a carpet cleaning company, something that requires a good deal of knowledge and experience. If these people do not know how to treat a carpet, then chances are good they will leave your carpet in a worse state than it was.

Safe Products

We are talking about carpet cleaning, so the use of cleaning products is inevitable. Some of them have toxic chemicals, like dry carpet cleaning, and some of them do not. It is, of course, acceptable to use cleaning solutions but the company has to ensure your safety first. If the cleaning company offers chemical-free products then you just found gold. If not, they at least have to explain how they use the products, so that they do not leave any negative effects on your health.


Nothing is more comforting for us then to hear some other person is experiencing what we are. And that is why testimonials and reviews are so powerful. Whether it is on their website or on Yelp, try to find reviews and if their positive, then congratulations, you found a great carpet cleaning company.


The cost can be a determining factor for you. Try to avoid companies with no estimated prices and cheap carpet cleaning because the bill at the end might be a bad surprise for you. On contrary, cleaning companies that offer estimates can be trusted because it also shows that they have prior experience and know how much the service will cost.


Last but not least, watch out for insurance. You can’t ignore the possibility of something going wrong and having a plan B is important. It is the mistake of the carpet cleaning companies, so with insurance, you can be sure that they are able to cover unexpected expenses.

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