You have probably heard of dust mites before. These little critters are common in most households and love to live in places like bedding, carpet and furniture. There are several allergic reactions related to dust mites in your home.

One problem with dust mites is their size. There are 13 different species and all of the species are incredibly small. Each type of dust mite is invisible to the human eye. The only way to ensure there are none of these critters in your home is to be diligent about cleaning your bedding, clothing, carpet and other fabrics in your home.

Dust mites love to live in temperatures between 65-75 degrees. They also love humidity. The cooler you keep your home the less likely dust mites will strive in it. You should also ventilate your home as best as possible. This will help reduce the amount of them too.

Dust mites love living in human homes because they feed off the skin flakes people shed each day. Human adults shed about 1.5 grams of skin each day and that alone is enough to over a million dust mites. The more people in your home, the more food for dust mites.

The problem with these pesks is their presence causes allergies. Allergic reactions related to dust mites include sneezing, itching, red eyes and stuffy noses. The reactions are more severe if you suffer from asthma. Then these allergens can lead to breathing issues and chest tightness.

It is no surprise that they love to live in carpet. Your flakes of skin fall to the carpet after they are shed. The carpet can also be damp and trap humidity. The only way to ensure there are no dust mites in your carpet is to hire a Bloomington carpet cleaner for allergy relief.

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