questions for carpet cleaners

Suppose, you are about to buy a car, what do you do? I am pretty sure you do your research, go to the car dealer and ask a bunch of question. Why? Because it is a big purchase and you will be driving that car for years, it might as well be a good one.

This Q&A does not apply only to cars, as customers we love asking questions. Sometimes for smaller things like clothing, food or jewelry, we do not even care to hear the answers, it is like a small talk.

However, we should not take Q&As for granted, it is our right and duty as a customer to ask these questions and get satisfying replies. Carpet cleaners are not an exception. We spared you the trouble of coming up with questions, so take a look at these  5 questions that you should ask carpet cleaners in Bloomington:

How Much Does it Cost?

There are different factors that decide the price of carpet cleaning. The size, the level of dirtiness, the quality of the carpet and so on. Nonetheless, a lot of services have estimates and you can always ask for one. Just imagine how awkward and uncomfortable would it be to get a way higher bill than you expected.

Which Method of Cleaning Do They Use?

This question has every chance of being the first one to be asked. This factor determines the quality of the cleaning service and its consequences. The method will depend on the current state of your carpet so, you will need to answer a couple of questions, yourself before the carpet cleaner responds. Does the carpet cleaner use steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning or something different?

How Long Will the Process Take?

I am sure you’d ask this anyway but let’s leave it here. Maybe you have guests coming over soon and your carpet needs to be done by then. There are two parts to this question, A) How long will the main process take, and B) How long will it take to dry. Both equally important.

Are They Certified Carpet Cleaners?

Carpet cleaners need to be certificated? Well, yes they do. Don’t forget that carpet cleaners work with special products and equipment and trust me you want them to know how to correctly use those things.

What if Something Happens to My Carpet?

Or do they have insurance? Last but not least, ask them whether or not they have insurance. Not every cleaning process is flawless, something can go wrong and damage your carpet. It is not your fault, so the carpet cleaners should be able to either reimburse or eliminate the damages.

Only five basic questions for clarification and building trust between you and the carpet cleaners. There is a number of cleaning services out there and with the help of these questions, you can get the best one.

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